Switching on OS Master Map data in your map makes the OS base map interactive. Click on Data layers, expand Ordnance Survey Master Map and switch on the types of OS features that you want to interact withTo switch on and off layers simply click on them.

These features will now be interactive on the base map. Click on a feature on the map, or multi-select by holding down the shift key and clicking on more features. Please note with OS Master Map data you can only multi-select features of the same type, so buildings or general surface.

Now right click and select the copy icon.

Select an existing project or create a new project and select copy feature to project

You can now select other or different OS Master Map features and copy to the project. Once you have copied all the feature that you need remember to switch of the OS Master Map data in map layers.

You can now edit the features that have been added to your project.

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