Once you have used the search function to zoom to a location click on Pick from Land Registry.

The base map will change to allow you to select the Land Registry titles. To do this simply single left click on the titles that you wish to use. Now select Save boundary and finish.

Click on the three vertical dots next to Land Registry Parcels in the boundaries section and then Duplicate.

Choose Ownership Boundary, insert the new project name and click on Create Project.

The data, now copied to a project, is editable. Note – you should switch off the Land Registry Parcels visibility in the Boundaries section so that you will just be viewing your project. To do this click on the eye icon to the left.

Your selected titles will now be shown in the map having been auto styled with a red line around the boundary.

If there are multiple titles you may wish to merge these into a single area. To complete this step expand your project in the left-hand panel, select the three vertical dots next to one of the entries under your project. Click on Select all.

Now in the at the top of the screen click on the Merge tool.

All of the features of the same type will now be merged. 

With your feature selected you will see the feature details. From here you can add any of the standard annotations or add details such as a name.

You can also change the default styling by clicking on the styling tool.

From here you can change the fill or boundary colour and add a pattern.

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