In the top left of the screen select New, Use template.

Select the Sales plan template.

Select the import method Pick from Land registry.

On the map the Freehold LR titles for England and Wales will be shown. To select click on the titles that you wish to work with. They will turn from red to orange when selected. To deselect just click on the title again and it will turn red.

Click on Next.

Give your plan a name and click on finish.

Your plan will now show in he left hand Plans section.

If you would like to add a margin on the interior of your feature select your Land Sale feature and then click on the buffer tool in the top menu. 

Select side one or side two depending where you want the boundary, side two will be inside the boundary, select a width and click OK.

A new area will appear under the project. Make sure this is selected. 

On the feature details menu that appears select the styling tool.

In fill select the colour and increase the opacity.

You now have a red line on the interior of the boundary. 

You can also remove the margin that is created by using the subtract option.

This will create an area that has been subtracted away from the main feature which you can then delete.

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