Once the Land Registry Parcels have been selected (please see Copy Land Registry Parcels to Ownership) click on the 3 vertical dots next to Land Registry Parcels and then Duplicate.

Choose Blank, insert the new project name and click on Create Project.

Now the data has been copied to a project it is editable. Note – you should switch off the Land Registry Parcels visibility in the Boundaries section. 

Firstly, if there are any titles you need need to merge together you can follow the steps below. 

Click on your first polygon then right click and select the Merge Tool, left click on your next polygon and they will be merged. Continue this process if needed. 

Select your plot and you can now user the Feature Details menu on the right hand side to Name the plots and Override default colours.  

Select your next plot and follow the steps above to name and change colours. 

You can show the plot name by using the toggle to add to the map

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