If you have selected your Land Registry Parcels ensure these are switched on in your Boundaries section. If not please see this guide. Click on Add Project and then select Create your own project

Click on the three vertical dots next to the project name and click on Rename.

Type in your new project name and select Rename Project.

You can now zoom to the area that you wish to start adding features to, by either using the zoom feature in the map or by holding down the shift key left clicking on the map and dragging your cursor. Note – If you have multiple projects make sure you have the project selected in the My Projects panel to ensure you are working in the correct one.

Click on Add Feature. Here you can search for the feature you would like to draw building, parking, polygons, shapes etc.

In this example we will add rectangles. Click on Add Feature, expand Common and select Rectangle.

Left click on your map to start drawing, left click again once you have the length of your rectangle, then drag it out and left click to finish. 

To resize you can click on the rectangle and on Feature Details change the width and height. You can also Assign a use, for example building.

Continue to add features. 

If you want to move or rotate features you can do so using the modification tool bar. 

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