Firstly zoom into the area of the map that you need (by either using the zoom feature in the map or by holding down the shift key, left clicking on the map and dragging your cursor) then click on Map Layers. 

Scroll down until you reach the Master Map data

To switch on and off layers simply click on them. Switch on the relevant Master Map data. 

Now select a feature, or multi select (hold down the shift key) features of the same type. In the right hand Feature Details menu select Copy features to a project. Note you can only multi select features of the same type, for example all building or all general surface. 

Select Create a new project. Input the project name and then click on Create new project for the feature

Back on your map continue to select features of different types and copy them to your project.

Once you’ve completed copying features select Map Layers to switch off the Master Map layers.

Back in your project you now need to merge all of the features. Click on the first feature, then right click, select the Merge tool and click on the next feature. Continue to do this until all of the features that make up the tenancy are merged. 

On the Feature Details menu assign the use as Tenant Boundary.

You will now have a polygon called Tenant Boundary in your project. 

On the Feature Details menu you can change the colour styling by using the override defaults colours option. 

In addition, on the Feature Details menu, you have a url specific to this project which you could copy into a tenancy management database, you will then be able to link directly back to to The Land App feature.  

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