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Create Footpaths/Public Rights of Way Plan
Create Footpaths/Public Rights of Way Plan

How to create footpaths on a map

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Method 1 - PRoW Data Layer

Go to Data Layers, Access and click on Public Rights of Way

On the map click on a PRoW feature and right click and click on Copy to a plan

You can now add this feature to a pre-existing plan or create a new one and select Copy feature to plan.

You can continue to add more features to your plan.

With a feature selected the right hand panel will appear from here you can change the assigned use and the styling of the feature.

Method 1 - Drawing

You will need to have a pre-existing plan or will need to create a new plan.

To create a new plan click on New, Draw freehand.

Give your plan a name and click on Done.

The Draw tools will be available to you.

Select the line option

Once selected you can start to draw on the map. Single left click to start, double left click to finish then click on Finish.

With the line feature selected you can change the assigned use in the right hand panel by selecting change.

Expand the Access option and you can assign a use from here.

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