Firstly start by creating a new project by clicking on Create Project and selecting a Blank project template.

Your new project will appear in My Projects. You can rename this by clicking on the 3 vertical dots and selecting Rename

Choose your name and select Rename Project

Make sure your project is selected, then select Draw and the the line option.

Once selected you can start to draw on the map. Single left click to start, double left click to finish then click on Finish.

With the line feature selected you can change the assigned use in the right hand panel by selecting change.

Expand the Access option and you can assign a use from here.

Using the PRoW Data Layer

From the top right Data Layer options select Access and PRoW.

This will load the data set, if needed you can copy sections of PRoW by selecting and then right clicking. You can then copy to an existing or create a new project.

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