Please read this guide or watch a video on how to import your RPA data. 

Note - If you want to add field names to help you identify each field please read this guide and complete this step before you create your Basic Payment Scheme project,

To copy data to a Basic Payment Scheme template click on the three vertical dots next to your imported RPA data and select duplicate

Select Basic Payment Scheme, give your project a name and click on create project

Your Land Cover data will be copied to your new project in the My Projects section. All of the field parcels will be coloured based on their feature type and they will now be editable.

Click on a particular feature, the Feature Details Menu will open on the right of your screen showing the current core attributes of the feature.

Note - You can select multiple features by holding down the shift key and clicking on the features or using the select all function.

Use the feature details menu to change feature types. Click on change then search or start typing a BPS designation for the feature. Continue this for all of your Land Parcels. 

To export this data in a table view - in the my projects section click on the 3 vertical dots next to your project and select table view.

This data can be downloaded by clicking on the paperclip.

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