Create a new project by clicking on Create Project. Select Create your own project. 

Select Create your own project.

You can now rename the project by clicking on the 3 vertical dots next to the newly created project and selecting rename.

Give your project a name and click on Rename Project. 

Now click on Draw. Use lines for features such as water pipes, fibre optic etc. and points for features such as taps, water metre etc.

Single click to start drawing, double left click to stop and then select Finish. With the feature selected click on change.

Select the use that you want.

Note: You can draw multiple features in one go so for example draw a number of points and then give them the same assigned use.

Continue to add all the utilities you want. Note it may be useful to switch to aerial imagery at some points to help you map these.

You can also annotate the map with text by using the text tool.

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