A user assigned with a team tag will automatically have the assigned permission of a creator.

These are a number of different permission types within a team tag.

  1. Team Administrator - A team administrator can see and edit all content (maps, frames & prints) for a particular team tag. In addition they can use the invitations tab but only to invite users to their team. They can also add/remove their team tag for existing users.

  2. Creator - A creator is the default permission assigned via a team tag. A creator can create content (maps, frames & prints) and has visibility and edit rights to content created by the team.

  3. Editor - An editor cannot create content but can edit content created by the team.

  4. Viewer - A viewer can only see content created by the team.

To set/change a permission on a team tag click on the team tag/tags associated with the user under the users tab. Pick the permission level you want.

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