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Team Management - How to create teams
Team Management - How to create teams
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Teams tags in The Land App allow you to set a structure of grouped users that can view and edit content (maps, prints & frames) generated by users within the same team.

To start creating Team tags navigate to the Team tab within My Organisation.

Please note when you first access the Team tab a default category and an administrator team is created for you.

If you are happy for all users within your organisation to have view and edit rights to all content you don’t need to create any additional categories of team tags. You can simply assign all members of your organisation to the administrator team tag.

If you do want users to have a more restricted view of content you can set up categories and teams that mirror your organisation.

To create a category, click on the +New button.

Enter your category name and click on the tick to create.

To create the team tags within the category simply type the team name and hit enter.

Continue to add team tags to a category in the same way.

To edit a team tag click on the team.

You can now edit the team name, pick a team colour or change the team category and click on save.

To delete a Team tag click on the X

To delete a category, and all teams contained within it, click on the bin icon and confirm.

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