From the Users tab in My Organisation you can see a list of who has accepted the invitation and is now a part of your organisation.

To edit a user’s details by clicking on the pencil icon next to their details.

From here you can change their first name, last name or email and save.

To remove a user from your organisation you can click on the bin icon and then confirm.

To edit Team Tags expand the user details or show all team tags.

Click on the cross in a team name to remove or click in the assigned to area to add any additional tags.

To set Team tag permissions by click on a team tag name. A user assigned with a team tag will automatically have the assigned permission of a creator.

These are a number of different permission types within a team tag.

1. Team Administrator - A team administrator can see and edit all content (maps, frames & prints) for a particular team tag. In addition they can use the invitations but only to invite users to their team.

2. Creator - A creator is the default permission assigned via a team tag. A creator can create content (maps, frames & prints) and has visibility and edit rights to content created by the team.

3. Editor - An editor cannot create content but can edit content created by the team.

4. Viewer - A viewer can only see content created by the team.

You can sort users by user or email by clicking on the column headings

You can search for users by name or email or filter by team tags.

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