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Team management - Maps Dashboard
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From My Organisation maps you will see any content that you have created and additionally the content created by members of the team/teams that you are tagged to.

You can search the dashboard by user name or email, filter by team tags, or a combination of both. Any search and filter you set will remain until you click on reset.

For preexisting maps on the dashboard you can perform a number of functions by clicking on the three vertical dots.

You can view the details - Name, Creator, Date created & Last Edited.

You can edit – change the Map name and adjust the team tags, remove by clicking on the x or update by clicking in the team tags area.

You can share the map with people external to your organisation. Add their email address, select their permission type and click on add viewer.

You can archive the map, which will remove it from the maps dashboard.

To create a new map click on New in the top right.

Input the New map name, by default the map will be tagged to you team/teams, but you can edit these. Click on the x to remove or in the team tag area to add any additional tags.

To switch to a list view, click on the list view icon in the top right.

In the list view you can also sort by clicking on the column headers.

To see maps that have been shared with you, click on the Shared with me tab.

You can search shared maps by map name or creator.

By clicking on the three vertical dots you can see the map details and the sharing settings.

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