Here is a summary of our latest product improvements designed to give you greater functionality and save you even more time.

Working with Land Registry data is now even easier:

  • Land Registry titles are now split into Freehold, Leasehold, Other and Registers of Scotland. This significantly reduces the amount of overlapping titles

  • Leasehold, Other and Registers of Scotland layers can be found in 'Map Layers'

  • 'Pick from Land Registry' works as before, but now just shows Freehold titles

Create detailed tables from your bespoke projects:

  • If you are not using a specific project template, you can view and download spreadsheets of your project data

  • Add attributes to features to enrich the data

  • Download tables with all your feature attributed data

Dashed lines now exist in The Land App.

We have a whole host of other improvements to help non-professional users manage your Ordnance Survey (OS) credit spend:

  • Better pricing indications, including estimates when buying OS credits

  • Basemap cost indicators to show which basemaps are completely free and which are free until specific zoom levels

  • Better ability to control your OS credit usage with visibility on your basemap zoom level and remaining credit balance

We also have a multitude of ongoing usability improvements:

  • There is now the ability to go back one step to the print setup page from print customisation, saving time and hassle

  • You can download spreadsheets from any project template

  • You can now Select everything in your project in one click. Ideal for quick bulk actions that apply across your entire project, such as adding custom attributes. You can still ‘Select All Feature Type’ (e.g. select all woodland features) - now also available when you right click on a feature.

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