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September 2021 Product Upgrades
September 2021 Product Upgrades

Baseline Habitat Assessments and Land Management Plans

Written by Glen Wooldridge
Updated over a week ago

Here is a summary of our latest product improvements; full of enhanced features and functionality:

Templates to prepare for ELMS and natural capital funding

This includes our two new mapping templates: Baseline Habitat Assessment and Land Management Plan.

  • Easily generate your map-based Baseline Habitat Assessment (BHA) and Land Management Plan (LMP), underpinned by the UK Habitat classification - the framework used for Biodiversity Metric 3.0.

  • Use the Baseline Habitat Assessment to understand the composition and condition of your current land use; then compare future scenarios and appraise your options with the Land Management Plan.

  • Baseline Habitat Assessments and Land Management Plans will be fundamental to secure future funding - not only for the Local Nature Recovery and Landscape Recovery tiers of ELMS but also for private sector funding of nature-based solutions.

Data layers for streamlined natural capital mapping

An expanded selection of habitat, geology, and water datasets designed to support natural capital mapping:

  • B-Lines from Buglife for restoring ‘insect pathways’.

  • Priority Habitat Networks from Natural England for targeted habitat restoration and expansion.

  • Carbon and Peatland (2016) from the James Hutton Institute for detailed soil and land cover data in Scotland.

  • Various water datasets from The Rivers Trust and Environment Agency to support catchment-based approaches.

  • New data layers provide the visual context of opportunities and constraints that support the creation of Baselines and Land Management Plans.

Data layers automatically added to the print legend

Data layers that are turned on in your map are now automatically added to your print legend. You no longer need to recreate these - simply edit the items in your print legend, saving time and hassle. A useful way to visualise your valuation plans, site plans or feasibility assessments. All data layers are now updated automatically directly from their source to ensure reliability and accuracy. More data layers coming soon!

Intuitive ‘T mark’ feature

By popular demand, a dedicated ‘T mark’ feature which you can quickly draw onto your plans to annotate boundaries. Simply create a ‘T mark’ in two clicks of the mouse. The size of your ‘T mark’ will scale automatically and styling can be easily edited in the right-hand panel of your screen. Perfect for title plans, lease plans and sales particulars.

Other improvements for you

  • Insert images for customised legends on your prints

  • Move or remove The Land App logo on your prints

  • Improved organisation and searching of data layers

  • Add your colleagues as billing contacts (professional plan customers only)

  • Consistent red styling when drawing new features

We would like to thank the partners that have helped us get to this point:

  • UKHab Ltd, for creating the UKHab Classification, a unified system for mapping land for which this workflow relies upon.

  • Farming Wildlife Advisory Group South West for joining the Classification to Agricultural practice with their expert knowledge under their ELMS trial, plus providing the BPS to UKHab Codes.

  • Land Workers Alliance for testing the model of the land management plans within their ELM trial and adding new horticultural codes.

  • And to Ordnance Survey, Defra and Rural Payments Agency for providing quality data for making this workflow possible.

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