Location and Base Map

First navigate to the area that you are interested in using the search bar, then change the base map by clicking the base map button in the top right-hand corner of the map. The Ordnance Survey Leisure map is a great base map for location plans. Depending on your zoom level the OS Leisure Map will display the Mini Scale, Road Map, Landranger and Explorer map. The example below shows the OS Road Map.

Adding a Location Indicator

At this point, if needed, you can add a circle or an arrow to indicate the location of the property of importance.

First create a new blank project, by clicking the + Create Project button in the left-hand panel and choosing a Blank template. Then click the Draw button to select an arrow or circle.

You can then style the shape by clicking the style button in the right-hand panel. In this example, we have reduced the fill-opacity and increased the border width.

Printing the Plan / Creating a PDF

To print the plan / create a PDF, click the print icon in the top right-hand corner.

You can then adjust the paper size and alter the scale.

To print a plan using the different OS Leisure Base maps you can change the fixed scales.

Fixed Scales:

  • 1:165,000 and 1:641,000 will use OS 1:250K Road Map

  • Above 1:162,000 will use OS 1:1M Mini-Scale

The description in the bottom left will confirm the scale that the map will print at, e.g. "This map will print using OS 1:250K Scale Raster data."

Printing (PDF) the Plan with More Detail

If you would like the location plan to contain more granular detail, you can choose to print at a small scale. The below example used the standard OS base map. Printing at 1:25k will use the OS OpenData style map.

Or, by printing on the OS Leisure map at a scale of 1:25,000, you will use the 1:25K OS Explorer map. This map is available at scales between 1:11,000 and 1:40,000.

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