Map of Maps facilitates data sharing and landscape design - allowing you and your organisation to keep track of who you are working with through a single source of truth.

Please note the Map of Maps functionality is only available when you have a professional subscription in The Land App. As the organisation administrator you can set a limit of the amount of projects that can be published here.

When projects are published this data will then be available as a Data Layer for the whole organisation. Please note that a published project will generate overnight and be available within the organisation data layer the next day.

To publish or unpublish a project click on the publish icon next to the project. When a project is published the icon will turn from black to green and vise versa.

Once published the project will then appear within the relevant Map of Maps data layer.

When viewing a Map of Maps data layer you will be able to see all published projects within that layer. When zoomed out the boundaries of the individual projects will be visible.

The further zoomed in you are the more detail will be visible. Features can be selected - attributes for the feature can be seen on the Feature Details menu on the right hand side as well and a link to take you back to the original map from where the project was published.

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