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How to purchase your Ordnance Survey MasterMap® data
How to purchase your Ordnance Survey MasterMap® data

Purchase your OS MasterMap® data in The Land App

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Click on New, Download data.

From the Download data screen select the dataset

Next define your purchase area. This can be done by using the area of a project in your map or by creating a frame. Please note: If you are an estate we recommend you create a project with your estate boundary and select the Use a project option.

To use a project click on the drop down to select the project you would like to use to define the area.

Select the project you wish to use.

If you prefer to create an area select the Create a frame option and a frame area will appear on your screen.

To move the frame select the box in the middle of the frame and drag into position. To reduce or enlarge the frame area select a box in the corner of the frame and drag to the desired size.

Next select your Intersect setting. This can either be Whole features (whole features that are intersected by your project area will be included) or Cut features (cut features will cut features that expand beyond your defined project area).

Name your you data purchase.

The price for your data purchase will be displayed and to proceed click on Buy Now.

A pop up will appear to confirm the purchase and from here you can Cancel or Buy Now.

Your data will then be added to your map and you can either navigate to your map or to your Data Purchase page.

In your map you will now see your data purchase as two projects, one with all of your features ("OSMM Area") and that other with your labels ("OSMM Labels").

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