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How to use the RPA Import tool for large holdings
How to use the RPA Import tool for large holdings

How to import or split data for large RPA holdings

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Please note this functionality is only available for users in a paid subscription.

If you have tried to import RPA data into The Land App and have received an error because your data set is too large you can now use the RPA Import (Large Holdings) tool. This can also be used to split a large holding that you may with to import in separate areas.

To access to the tool click on New, Download data.

From the Download data data page select RPA Import (Large Holding)

From the next screen select create a frame. A frame will appear on the screen and you can adjust and move this to frame the area of the SBI that you wish to import.

Give the plan a name, input the SBI and the datasets you wish to import, then click on Buy now. Please note there is no cost for this.

Go back to Map and your selected SBI data will be imported into your map. You may need to refresh to see this.

A BPS plan or plans will have been added to your map and you can duplicate these onto any other plan templates you like by clicking on the three vertical dots next to the plan name.

If after refreshing your data the plan does not appear there may have been an error processing this. Please try again and contact or use the in app chat function for assistance.

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