In the top left of the screen select New, Use template.

Select the Ownership, Sales or Valuations plan template. Please note you can use this data on all of the available templates.

Select the import method Pick from Land registry.

n the map the Freehold LR titles for England and Wales will be shown. To select click on the titles that you wish to work with. They will turn from red to orange when selected. To deselect just click on the title again and it will turn red.

Click on Next.

Give your plan a name and click on finish.

Youf features will be contained in a plan and you can now edit these.

This guidance shows how to split a feature.

This guide shows how to merge features.

This guidance shows how to change the feature styling.

If you need to add any additional titles once you have created you plan you can do so by going to Data Layers, Ownership, Land Registry Freehold.

The Land Registry titles will load on screen right click on one or left click, hold down the shift key to select multiple titles and right click. You can then Copy to a plan.

You can then select an existing or create a new plan.

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