How to assign a use

How to assign a land use to a feature. Eg. assign a rectangle as a 'Temporary Building' or a parcel as a 'Tenant Boundary'.

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Select a feature from a plan and the feature details menu will appear on the right

To change the use, click on change

A list of available uses based on the plan type and feature you select will now be available.

From select a feature you can search for a particular use or expand the available menus.

Select your use and this will update the assignment.

BPS and CSS Assign Use: 

Within the plans

types such as Basic Payment Scheme or Countryside Stewardship, assigning a use allows you to choose from the available RPA land use options. You can type a code or name into the search box or expand the headings to scroll through the uses.

Note: Unless you change the name, the use you assign is what appears in the legend when a map is printed.

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