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Editing and Modification
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How to work with Ordnance Survey MasterMap® data
How to copy all features from one plan to another
How to show/hide the visibility of plans and folders
How to remove access to a shared map
Registers of Scotland
How to add attributes
How to upload photos
How to add field names to your RPA data
How to share a map/invite collaborators or change these settings
How to archive/unarchive a map
How to add hedge options to your SFI plan
How to move features between Land Parcels
How to draw a rectangle and change the measurements
How to draw a circle and change the radius.
How to lock/unlock a plan or folder
How to measure distance & area
Merge trouble-shooting
How to add text to a plan
How to subtract an area
How to use the Select-All or select Feature type tool to bulk annotate, assign uses & change styling.
How to merge features
Dashed Lines
How to rotate text
How to move a feature forwards or backwards
How to disable modification
How to delete a feature
How to create a buffer/margin in a field or feature
How to add a name to a feature
How to draw a feature
How to rename a map
How to move the feature details menu
How to duplicate a feature
How to change feature styling
How to undo/redo
How to split a feature
How to copy a feature
How to adjust a feature
How to remove multiple stray nodes
How to move a feature
How to snap to line
How to rotate a feature
How to edit & show feature annotations
How to delete photos
How to reset/remove an assigned use
How to use the T mark tool
How to reorder plans
How to unarchive all Archived plans
How to hide/show features in a plan
How to assign a use
How to duplicate plans
How to draw a line and set the length