Method 1 - Drawing around OSMM features using the Interactive map function

Please note that you will need to be using an Ordnance Survey base map at zoom level 10 or below.

When at zoom level 10 or below click on Off to switch this to On.

Now go to the draw tool and select your drawing tool. Please note you need to have a plan in your map and for this to be selected for the draw tools to be active.

Select you draw option such as area or line and your cursor will magnetise/snap to the edge of a feature as you draw on the base map.

Method 2 - Selecting and copying OSMM features using the Data Layers

Go to Data Layers, Ordnance Survey MasterMap and select the data layer that you want.

Please note that you will need to be at zoom level 10 or below for the data to load.

Right click on a feature and click on Copy to plan. You can multi-select features by holding down the shift key and then right clicking.

Select a pre-existing plan or Create a new plan and click on Copy feature to a plan.

You can continue to add more features to your plan.

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