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How to share a map/invite collaborators or change these settings
How to share a map/invite collaborators or change these settings

Collaborate with clients, business partners, consultants or contractors.

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Use the Sharing Setting to add colleagues, clients or stakeholders and work collaboratively on a map. Please note if you are in a Free subscription you can only share as Read only.

There are two methods of doing this

Method 1 within a map

If you are in a map click on Sharing Settings.

The Sharing Settings window will open and under Add collaborators input the email address of your contact, assign their permissions, read only or editor. 

If you assign as an editor please be aware that they will be able to make edits to the map. 

Now click on add viewer. 

The collaborator will be sent an email alerting them of being given access to the map. If they are a new user they will receive an email asking them to sign-up first to access the map. If they are an existing use they will receive a link alerting them to their access. 

Method 2 from the Maps Dashboard

You can also add a collaborator if you are on the Map Dashboard, click on the three vertical dots on the Map tile and select share.

Complete the entry details as above.

How to remove or change access

To remove access or change permission type open the sharing settings with either method and click on the cross next to their name to remove or the arrow next to their permission type.

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