How to upload photos

Upload geo-referenced photos to a map and link to plans

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When you upload a geo-referenced photo it will appear in the correct position on your map. The exact position will depend on the accuracy of your phone/device GPS.

NOTE: Photographs taken on a smartphone or drone (and some other devices) will likely be ‘geo-tagged’ unless you have turned this feature (or GPS) off.

TIP: When transferring photos from your Phone or device, transfer the whole file (which will include the geo-tag.  If you opt to transfer a ‘light’ version of the photo you may lose the geo-tag. 

In the bottom left of the screen click on the add photo icon.

Locate the photos on your computer.

Select the photo or photos and click on Open.

The photos will upload into the mao.

When uploaded click on Finish.

Toggle the photo layer to on

The photos will be represented on the map with a camera icon.

To view the photo click on a camera icon. The right hand panel will open and show the details for this photo.

You can use the linked plans function to link photos to plans in your map (please note you can multi-select photos by holding down the shift key or right click and use the select feature type function). To do so click on the three vertical dots next to linked plans and Link/Unlink.

Select or deselect the plans that you wish to link/unlink the photo from and click on OK.

The photos will now show in the list of features for your selected plan.

By selecting the photo from within the plan the right hand panel will appear. From here you can add edit attributes, add or import attributes and see coordinates. You also have the ability to move a photo when in a plan by dragging to a desired location.

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