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How to import data to The Land App
How to import data to The Land App

Import GIS files: KML, GeoJSON, DXF, Shapefiles & TAB Files

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The following file types can be imported into the Land App:





TAB Files

Please note if the data is contained within a zip file it will need to be extracted before it can be imported into The Land App. If doing Land App to Land App imports we recommend the default GeoJSON format. Please also note there is a file size limitation of 50MB

You can either drag data from your computer into a map, or when in a map click or New.

Drag & Drop Method

When you drag data from your computer into the map you will be presented with an upload box which will show you the status of your upload. Select Next.

Please note you can import a maximum of 10 files at one time.

Choose the template you want to use and click on Next.

Rename your plan if needed and then select Finish.

The data will be loaded as a plan in the left hand panel.

New Plan Method

Click on New in the top left of your map select Import Data.

Select Import file

Drag and drop the file or upload from device.

Please note:

For Shapefiles there will be, at a minimum, 3 files (.shp, .shx and .prj) and you will need to import all the files in one go.

For TAB files you will need to import the .TAB .MAP .DAT .ID files in one go.

If you need more technical guidance about Land App attributes please see this guidance.

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