There are a 2 ways that you can bulk select features:

  1. Select all features / all line features / all polygons / all points / all photos

  2. Select all feature type with the same attribute. e.g. all tenancy boundaries, or all permanent grasslands

To bulk select all features, click the 3 vertical dots next to the project name, then click 'Select all':

A pop-up will then appear that gives you the option to select all or all of a certain feature type:

Once selected you can then do bulk actions such as turn on a label, or add an attribute:

The second way to bulk select features is to select all features with the same main attribute type. To to this simply right click on the feature that you want to select-all. In the tool bar that appears then click 'Select feature type':

If for example you right click on a permanent grassland, then click 'Select-feature type', all the permanent grasslands in that project will then be selected:

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