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How to work with purchased Ordnance Survey MasterMap data in a Standard or Professional Subscription
How to work with purchased Ordnance Survey MasterMap data in a Standard or Professional Subscription
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In this guidance, we will be covering the following:

  • What is Ordnance Survey MasterMap data?

  • Publishing your data

  • Accessing data through Map of Maps

  • Printing with your data

  • Exporting/importing your data

What is Ordnance Survey MasterMap data?

Containing nearly 500 Million real world objects, the Ordnance Survey MasterMap Topography Layer® is represents the most detailed and accurate view of the Great British landscape. Ideal for planning applications and risk management, OS MasterMap® is the gold standard dataset for:

  • Making location-based decisions

  • Assessing environmental risks

  • Streamlining land management operations

  • Authoritative plans (e.g. for planning permissions)

For guidance on how to purchase your Ordnance Survey MasterMap data click here.

Publishing your data

If you are in a Professional Subscription, you will have the ability to publish any OSMM data that your team has purchased, enabling this mapping resource to be shared, analysed and edited by your team.

Your purchased data will load into the Map as a new plan in the left hand panel.

Use the publish icon to publish the data.

The data will process overnight and an organisational data layer will be created. This data can then be accessed from any map created in the organisation.

Accessing your data through Map of Maps

Once published, you can access your OSMM data through our Map of Maps functionality. This allows you to unlock a landscape view of the plans you’re working on. It also allows your team to visualise data from whichever map they’re working on.

To access to Data go to Data Layers/Organisation/Map of Maps - OS MasterMap

Printing with OSMM

Now that you have your OSMM data set up, you can now print for free over your purchased land area. Just follow the instructions below:

When you want to print you can proceed through the following steps.

Ensure you are on a free base map such as Blank or OpenStreetMap

And that your Organisational data layer is visible located under Data Layers/ Organisation/ Map of Maps - OS Mastermap

Click on the print icon and go through the print process. The cost for the print will be zero.

Exporting your OSMM data

If you want a copy of your Purchased OSMM data, you wish to import it into another mapping software, or you wish to import into a new Land App map you can do so using Land App’s simple export function.

From here you will see your purchase and can select your Download as option.

Please note that if you wish to import into a new Land App map you need to select the TLA_GEOJSON (Land App Format))

Once the link has generated and the file downloaded please unzip the file and import into your new map ensuring to use the OS MasterMap template.

Have more questions about OSMM? Find below a selection of resources that may be of interest:

  • A YouTube video of our most recent step-by-step webinar explaining all the ins and outs of OSMM. Found here

  • Video presentation from Gus Smith, Technical Consultant at Ordnance Survey, explaining the value of OSMM. Found here

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