To gather your field parcel data from Rural Payments and Services Scotland, please copy the email below adding your Business Reference Number (BRN). If you know your land parcel location codes, include those too (optional).

This email needs to go to your local rural payments office, which you can look up here.

Dear Sir / Madam,

Please could I request copies of my farm business Shape Files (including the files .shp, .shx and .prj)

My business name is: ________________________________________

My farm Business Reference Number (BRN) number is: __________

My farm location codes are (optional, if known):

  • _ _ _ /_ _ _ _

  • _ _ _ /_ _ _ _

  • Etc.

I would like the following files:

  • Shapefiles showing field boundaries for each location (including the files .shp, .shx and .prj)

  • Shapefiles showing excluded features for each location (including the files .shp, .shx and .prj)

Many thanks,

Once you have received this data, please follow these guidelines on how to import the shapefiles into The Land App.

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