If you haven't already done so, download Land Cover data from RPA.

Rename field parcel data in the boundaries section (if required) click here to find out how.

Duplicate your RPA data onto a Basic Payment Scheme Project template.

Select the template, give your project a name and click on create project.

Further guidance on creating a Basic Payment Scheme project can be found below.

In your BPS project you can add any feature with a BPS code (e.g. hedges, crop types, temporary grasslands and farm infrastructure).

REMEMBER; to ensure that each feature is contained within the correct field parcel, please select the field before hitting draw.

Once your BPS project is completed and all features have been assigned a use duplicate your project onto a new Baseline Habitat Assessment project.

Click on the three vertical dots next to your BPS project and select duplicate.

Select the project type Baseline Habitat Assessment (BHA), give your project a name and select Create Project.

This will automatically translate all your BPS codes into UKHab codes and is a starting point and can be enhanced with additional data.

You can build on this data by adding secondary codes and condition scores.

To do this select or multi select a feature/features on the map and the Feature details menu will appear. From here you can amend the primary habitat, add a secondary code and a condition score.

You may also wish to add additional features such as complete and partial buffers and subtract areas away from features.

Once your BHA project is complete this can now be used as the basis for a Land Management project.

For your Land Management Plan (LMP), only show features that are going to be different to your Baseline Habitat Assessment.

To do this select or multi select features for which you want to show a potential change of use and select Copy to project.

Select Create a new project and Copy feature to project.

Give the project a name, select the Land Management Plan project type and Create new project for feature.

The selected feature/features will now be copied to your LMP project.

Now you can assign the feature to the habitat type or management you are wanting it to become.

Select or multi select features and the Feature details menu will appear click on Change to assign a use.

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