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How to create and Ownership Management Plan
How to create and Ownership Management Plan

Map how owned land is managed across tenancies, in hand operations, access rights, acquisitions and disposals.

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In the top left of your screen click on New and select Use template.

You will now be presented with a selection of templates relevant to your sector. If you wish to see others, or can't find the template you are interested in, click on your sector to see other options.

Select the Ownership Management Plan template.

Next select your Import method from the options listed.

Depending on the import option you have chose follow the next steps for that import type.

Name your plan and click on Finish.

A new plan will be added to the left hand panel and your mapped features show on screen.

By selecting a feature you will now be able to assign the use by clicking on change. You can select more than one feature by holding down the shift key or using the select feature type functionality.

You will be presented with the list of available uses to make your selection.

Further editing and additions of features can be completed by using the split, merge and draw tools.

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